Membership: $30 a month with debit/$40 month to month(Card on File) /$300 for the year(2 months free)

Cardio Classes: Included in your membership


Monday: 5:00am Doug, 5:30pm Cindy, 6:30pm Manny
Tuesday: 5:00am Rawni, 4:00pm Rob, 5:30pm Louie, 7:00pm Leslie
Wednesday: 5:00am Marissa, 5:30pm Cary, 6:30pm Kirk
Thursday: 5:00am Rawni, 4:00pm Rob, 5:30pm Louie, 7:00pm Leslie(Spin Fusion)
Friday: 5am Marissa, 5:30pm Rob
Saturday: 8am Kirk


Tuesday & Thursday: 6:00pm Yani
Monday & Wednesday: 6:00pm Troy

Interval – HITT

Tuesday & Thursday: 8:00am Rob

Specialty Classes: Carry additional charge

*TRX Training: $10 per class non-members or $100 for 10
Tuesday & Thursday: 5:00pm Kirk
*Yoga $10 non-members
*Free for members*, Saturday: 7:00am Kirk

*Bootcamps available $99 a month for 2 days a week
Discount available for multiple month purchases
Tuesday & Thursday: 5:00am